Do not buy from spammers.

Posted by coldtobi | 24 Jan, 2008, 10:10

A mail -- slipped through spammassassin -- advertised for a site, "where you can write your friends a cool greeting" (well, the site is German, accept appologies for the poor translation.)  The service used seveal registered domains -- probably tocountermeasure anti-spam -- but the all eventually redirect to the one: No, I won't link to them. Do a google search for "Für einen coolen Gruss gibt es einen Grund!".

On the other side, I used that to start an experiment: I "registered" with them using a "non guessable, random" email address. If there is more than the message "to myself", then you this is a prove that they a not cosher.


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Install OpenWRT on the La Fonera

Posted by coldtobi | 23 Jan, 2008, 18:50

Some days ago, I patched the La Fonera to support RedBoot over Ethernet. As this is a very good opportunity trying out OpenWRT, I am gonna install OpenWRT on this piece.


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La Fonera: A better way to enable RedBoot via Telnet / Ethernet (safely) [HowTo]

Posted by coldtobi | 21 Jan, 2008, 02:11

Booting La Fonera -- Redboot Bootloader

RedBoot is the bootloader used in the La Fonera. As this bootloader can not only operate over RS232, it also can be configured to offer a simple -- but powerful -- dedicated shell over telnet / Ethernet.  This is also true for the La Fonera, but has only one  problem: It has no IP configured, therefore you cannot use it. We'll gonna change that now!

Update: Now, 2014, the original locations of the files are gone. Please see the bottom of the post for an solution.


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Ooops -- RSS was not working well

Posted by coldtobi | 15 Jan, 2008, 20:15

Due a configuration error, all the RSSs where inaccessible. However, I wonder that it was undetected till now...

As I upgraded to the latest lifetype last summer, just symlinked the old directory to the new one to keep the old ones working. However, now I figured out, that this lead to a "Internal Server Error", because there was one slash to much in the path.  Well, now its working again...

Internal Server Error

File "/srv/www//webXXX/html/lifetype-XXX/rss.php" is not in document root of Vhost "/srv/www/webXXX/html"

suPHP 0.6.2

Maybe just a bug in phpSU, as ASFAIK "//" should be fine, at least in a shell, it works.


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Updated Navit [Updated debian files]

Posted by coldtobi | 10 Jan, 2008, 23:17

Navit has been updated upstream. Unfortunately this time it's harder to package.the "0.03". But I'm working on it!

Well, it was a stupd error, that caused the build failure. However, I solved it, and now my navit packages are updated.

Please not, that I did not package the latest stable, but the CVS version from Friday, January 11. But this is more an advantage, as since the release of the latest stable navigation software, much has been done and some interesting features had been addes.


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Not all "defects" are security bugs

Posted by coldtobi | 9 Jan, 2008, 08:54

Today's slashdot is linking to an interesting article on Information Week, the analyzed took the results of an DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Scan about some used FOSS-Software.

Its especially interesting for me, as they used Coverity, a static code analyzing tool, which I came across not long ago during the Embedded World last year A like system is used in our company for automotive embedded software analyzises, so I know how these software works and how the reports looks like. .


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ReCaptcha Plugin updated

Posted by coldtobi | 4 Jan, 2008, 22:23

First of all, I wish you A happy new year.

Now to the message: I updated the recaptcha lifetype plugin to address this issue: (More)

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