What NAS?

Posted by coldtobi | 10 Dec, 2007, 10:43

I am still looking after an not-too-expensive but "good" NAS for my home network. There are quite a lot of differnet models out there, that will meet my expectations. Unfortuantly, I could not find a comperasion that shows all the features I want.

In this article, I try to assemble such a comperasion. But be warned: Its matched to the needs and features I want, sorted to the importance:

  1. Supports at least Samba. FTP, rsync and other non-proprietary protocols a plus
  2. MUST NOT use NDAS
  3. Unit must use a "common" file system (I case of hardware-failure, I want my data back)
  4. Enclosure must have place for all hardrives
  5. RAID support. That is you need at least two physical hardrives.
  6. Power efficient (otherwise I could recycle an old computer)
  7. Silent
  8. Should be able to run custom software. So this usually narrows down to a linux driven box with any access to it (to enable ssh for example)
  9. Max. 350 € for 1 Terra Byte of gross storage.
  10. Not-too short on RAM

Models over 350 are not reviewed at all. This is simply over my budget I planing to spend. (Of course, if the manufacturer would send me a unit for review... ;-) )

I took a closer look at these candidates: Maxtor Shared Storage II,  Western Digital My Book World Edition II, and finally the Thecus N2100. 

[Updated Dec 10 2007] 


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FinePix 9600

Posted by coldtobi | 28 Nov, 2007, 23:16

Some time ago, I bought my a new digital camera.

Now, some thousand pictures (10 Gigabytes) later, it is time for a first resume.


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ReCaptcha Plugin

Posted by coldtobi | 20 Nov, 2007, 12:09

Welcome to the official recaptcha-for-lifetype-plugin development article

After the first release of the plugin, I decided that it would be better to have a dedicated article to the plugin development. Well, this is it.


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Installing themes manually in firefox

Posted by coldtobi | 14 Nov, 2007, 08:37

The filtering proxy used here is sometimes just too stupid (lots of false-positives, inserting a (program) confusing and on bigger downloads unreliable progess bar, etc). This weirdness also jeopardized an automatic updated of my favorite theme. What I learned, is, that you can install themes manually. The problem is, that the instructions on http://wiki.mozilla.org/Installing_Extensions are wrong: There is no "Tool" menu.

But its even simpler: Just drag & drop the downloaded .jar file into the Themes manager, and Firefox will do the rest.


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smartmontools on SATA

Posted by coldtobi | 13 Nov, 2007, 17:31

I had an annoying problem with my smartmontools. The startup script kept telling me, that it fails upon starting. Well, this was annoying but not critical.

But now that there is a new smartmontools package upstream, this discovered a bug: After installation, smartmontools barks in its postinst script as it fails to start. (See bugreport


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NavIT on Debian

Posted by coldtobi | 13 Nov, 2007, 11:25

Debian LogonavitlogoShort and Quick: I packaged NavIt 0.0.2 for debian, and well, here is the NavIt Debian package: 

(update: read on where to get the latest version) 


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GCC for the AT90PWM316

Posted by coldtobi | 11 Nov, 2007, 11:17

BTW: I uploaded updated versions of my avr-gcc builds as debian packages: The files linked inlcude my patch to support the AT90PWM316*. The patch is already upstrea, and according Jörg Wünsche, it will be applied to the upcoming release of the official toolchain.

As the PWM316 chip is just a great device for lightning. I used the patched gcc already for a commercial project.

The story why I needed to create the patch reads as a WTF, and is therefore noteworthy: The hardware-team accidentially soldered the PWM316 into the circuit, instead of the PWM3B. As time was tough and new hardware not feasible in the projects timeline, I had to get the gcc running...

 Well, thats off-topic: Here are the files:


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