Samba: No mount as user.

Posted by coldtobi | 5 Apr, 2010, 22:48

For security reasons (CVE-2009-2948) samba ceases to support setuid mount.cifs. Until at least a proper fix has been generated (saw patches for them, but at least in Debian they are not or defunc (Patches:, details of the problem )

(IMHO the CVE is valid, but only makes sense in an multi-user enviorment and if you want to store your passwords in some files. Both are false for me. ) 

However, I need a working system. The other option is waiting until upstreams deciding what's better for me -- a security problem not touching my samba usage or no service at all. (Yes, I'm a little upset by this -- hitten cold by this "improvement" and finding out that they indeed choosen a way to "fix" it by disabling the execution at all. When I read the CVE notice from samba, it could also be done to disable the offending "information leaking" command options when run setuid... Well.)

Well *taking deep breath* lets stop ranting:


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Squirrelmail and lighttpd -- An Installation Guide --

Posted by coldtobi | 9 Jan, 2010, 21:57

sm_logo.jpgToday I installed the squirrel on my Thecus. The horde used before -- even if powerful -- was just to slow to make fun. As friends told me that the squirrel is slick and quick -- as its name suggests. (After installation, I can confirm this)

The squirrel -- is a web interface for accessing your mail, written in PHP. It does -- by default -- needs not to have any database. It can access your mail both by IMAP and by POP3.

As my setup is not the regular "Apache" based one, it might make sense to show how it has to be configured with lighttpd as web server.

Lets start.


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Link Crosscompiling

Posted by coldtobi | 7 Jan, 2010, 20:59

In case I port solarpowerlog to arm hardware....

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git cheat sheet

Posted by coldtobi | 7 Jan, 2010, 13:01

A Cheat-sheet for not-so-often used or some command I frequently forget....

Some commands you just use too seldom. When you need them, you just thinking how you did it before... So I need a cheat sheet to note these down... 


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nfs: read-only-filesystem

Posted by coldtobi | 30 Dec, 2009, 23:54

Just another thing learned:

The two line -- in /etc/exports -- have different meaning 

/share (rw)

The first one gives read only to, and rw to any other hosts, while the second is gives read-write permissions to

(So, whitespaces do matter. In NFS.)


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online ebook about autotools

Posted by coldtobi | 24 Dec, 2009, 12:52

The FSM posted the ebook as an article series:

BTW: If you like it better "in paper", the ISBN for the paper version is 1593272065. (Or at least in Germany amazon it is "gonna be", as it is not yet available)


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Bzr2Git -- make a git repositpry out of a bazaar one

Posted by coldtobi | 1 Nov, 2009, 15:25

I have used bazaar on my Thecus for my private projects. At that time, git was not available on Windows platforms.

However, during the development of solarpowerlog,  I learned that is not longer true, and after some time of usage I decided to finally switch everything to git. (bzr also showed some "hangs" on my thecus when commiting which were really annoying....


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