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Status of the AVR-GCC toolchain in debian

Posted by coldtobi | 27 Aug, 2007, 11:43

In this article, I described how to update the avr-gcc for debian to support some extra devices.

Now, the debian archives has been updated and now the original debian files have most of the patches applied, and also updated to more recent upstream versions. 


So it is feasible to update this packages, but be cautionous: As I said most of the patches, there are some devices which were supported by my debian packages, which are not in the current packages:

So if you are using one of these devices, you should not upgrade it right now:

  •  atmega2560, atmega2561 (which are "avr6")
  •  at90usb82

So, please patient, I am working on it to include the patches again, and then I will provide updated packages.


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