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NavIT on Debian

Posted by coldtobi | 13 Nov, 2007, 11:25

Debian LogonavitlogoShort and Quick: I packaged NavIt 0.0.2 for debian, and well, here is the NavIt Debian package: 

(update: read on where to get the latest version) 

http://www.frost.de/files/navit_0.0.2-1_i386.deb (md5: 63a473d0ef502692a5487a1a9d81b19f  navit_0.0.2-1_i386.deb)

[Update: Navit is now part of Debian.]

Not Included features:

  • OSM Sample map is NOT included. (But the tools to convert OSM to a navit-usable are) I'm currently working on an article how to accomplish this.
  • libgarmin-support is not enabled, as this library is unavailable (at least I could not find it). However, you probably won't need it.


Everything you need should be in Debian, execpt quesoglc. Additionally, I recommend to additionally install espeech for speech output. (Will be in the recommends section on subsequent versions)

Quesoglc can be downloaded here: http://www.tsleg.com/upload/data/MFQR_quesoglc_0.6.0-1_i386.deb


Please test the package. I hope, that I got all dependencies, and also that the dependencies are not to tight... As I am not a debian maintainer, and NavIT is not in debian, use comments for bug-reports, or mail me at tobi (ät) coldtobi.de


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3 Comments | "NavIT on Debian" »

  1. voxikon : navit for debian

    14/12/2007, at 08:33 [ Reply ]

    hi..thx for the deb package... I wasn't able to test navit on my ubuntu (could't make my own package... too much unknown depencies). But with your compiled deb it works now. An included sample map would be nice.
    good work ...
    greets form Austria :-)

    coldtobi: Thanks for the feedback. Suggestions are always appreciated: I'll try to find some time to assemble a script to download and "transcode" a openstreet-map automatically. Hopefully this weekend.

  2. Ian Haylock :

    10/01/2008, at 03:05 [ Reply ]


    The libgarmin library is available via SVN

    There is this page on the navit wiki :

    Cheers, Ian


    A new package compiled from CVS would be nice ;-) as I am having trouble getting it to compile.

  3. foo : upload to Debian?

    01/08/2008, at 13:56 [ Reply ]


    Maybe you should contact Debian and upload navit there?