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Just another entry for the todo list

Posted by coldtobi | 13 Dec, 2007, 17:27

Stumbled upon another interseting link, so there is another "Draft-Post" in the queue. Doing that, I just looked at the "(Manage) Posts" tab on my lifetype installation.  *Bff*. Currently, the posts marked "draft" are realy piling up, and on the other side the posts-per-week-counter is going down.

Mmmh, at the moment, there is just too less time for all the stuff: The day job, my master thesis, my hobbies, the holidays are not far away (and still presensts to get) etc, etc...

But there is some really interesting stuff. I really have to find an quiet hour to dig into it.

This is usually the way I write my articles. I find something that is (at least) interesting to me. And if I am on the way digging into it, I usually think: That would be some material I'd like to blog about. Of course, with the hope, that some wanderes will land on my blog and find it also interesting.

So maybe, I gonna make a list of the -- say -- top five topics I'd like to post about, and let you decide, which one I should cope?

I'll think about that. 

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