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Updated Navit [Updated debian files]

Posted by coldtobi | 10 Jan, 2008, 23:17

Navit has been updated upstream. Unfortunately this time it's harder to package.the "0.03". But I'm working on it!

Well, it was a stupd error, that caused the build failure. However, I solved it, and now my navit packages are updated.

Please not, that I did not package the latest stable, but the CVS version from Friday, January 11. But this is more an advantage, as since the release of the latest stable navigation software, much has been done and some interesting features had been addes.

Also, some changed has been made to the build process:

  1. Now compiled with libgarmin support. (libgarmin packaged for the purpose.)
  2. The OSM Sample map is included, though in a seperate package.
  3. Source included. The source packages are available for the curious.
  4. Packages are now signed with my PGP key.

By the way, this will probably the last "all-in-one-package", as Navit  became modular in every aspect. To reflect this, it would be nice to have seperate packages for every feature.

Also, one thing I learned lately is, that someone filed an ITP in debian. So changes are good, that the package will enter Debian. (Note, that my packages are not official Debian packages, as I am no Debian maintainer.)

Have fun!

[Update: As NAViT is now in Debian, it makes no sense anymore to host those (outdated) packages, therefore the packages are removed now.]


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