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Do not buy from spammers.

Posted by coldtobi | 24 Jan, 2008, 10:10

A mail -- slipped through spammassassin -- advertised for a site, "where you can write your friends a cool greeting" (well, the site is German, accept appologies for the poor translation.)  The service used seveal registered domains -- probably tocountermeasure anti-spam -- but the all eventually redirect to the one: No, I won't link to them. Do a google search for "Für einen coolen Gruss gibt es einen Grund!".

On the other side, I used that to start an experiment: I "registered" with them using a "non guessable, random" email address. If there is more than the message "to myself", then you this is a prove that they a not cosher.

If not, they are harmless fools, trying to make money with Goolge Adsense and Spamming. However, their "service" is also easily exploitable by other spammers: There is no visible countermeasure against automated sending of the "custom" message. (Mhhm, lets try bad word filtering later..)

There is really one good advice for using the Internet: Never give out your data for no reason: You never know what happens with that data once out of your control. Usually data mining works that way. Even if that might not be the case with this service (not guilty until proven else),  never use a service when there are alternatives: A simple MTU / Web based mailer would do the same job, maybe even better. And without any data security related issues.

PS: I just sent me a "greeting" with the standard GTUBE  and one with some bad words in it...

PPS [Update]: The GTUBE and bad words went through -- unfiltered.  


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