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Is RedBoot via Ethernet available on my Thecus N2100

Posted by coldtobi | 2 Feb, 2008, 13:44

To find out, if your Thecus N2100 supports RedBoot via Telnet / Ethernet,  do the following:


  • Use the LAN1 connector to connect your PC to the N2100
  • configure your PC to the same subnet as the N2100 is configured (usually 192.168.1.x). Do not use DHCP to configure the Thecus. Remember the IP your thecus should use. Stock IP is
  • On linux use the iptables-arping  package for  "arping" as  the other arping packages misses the "-f" parameter 
  • Power down the Thecus.
  • Prepare a shell with the follwing commands: (please substitute the IP if you use anything else). Press enter, as the script will wait for the Thecus. 
arping -f && telnet  9000
  • Power on the Thecus. After some seconds, if the arping will be answered  and you get the follwing prompt, you will know that you have this recovery route. For the complete fun, press <Ctrl>+<C> to see if you can interrupt the boot script.
				Received 1 response(s)
	Connected to
	Escape character is '^]'.
	== Executing boot script in 0.740 seconds - enter ^C to abort
  • If not, please retry several times, as on my box, the time window for the Ctrl+C is really tight, so I needed several attempts to enter it. 

Note: I read somewhere, that the RedBoot will use your last configuration entered into the WebIF, but I did not test it. I recommend that you set it to its default, as this is known to work. The default is, no DHCP.  Dynamic leases will almost certainly not work.

(Inspired from:  http://www.cyrius.com/debian/iop/n2100/telnet.html )

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