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Updated ReCaptcha

Posted by coldtobi | 1 Apr, 2008, 18:20

I updated the recaptcha plugin with some new very nice features.  coldtobi's Recaptcha plugin screenshot, white layout


Two name just some highlights:

  • you can now specify themes. Need a example? Screenshots: red, white, blackglass and clean
  • the plugin will now adapt the widgets language to the blog's settings (if recaptcha is localized for that language) and
  • reworked the template for your commentsform. Now this should look a lots nice, as I make sure that the widget is placed next to the label and if there is too less space for it, it will get scrollbars.

For the complete changelog, please visit the development article.

However, I you are planning to upgrade, here is one important note: I changed the handling how the private key is "hidden" if set up in the global preferences (under the "Administration -> Plugin Settings"). If you need to hide your API Key, make sure that you follow this procedure, or your key might be exposed:

  1. Temporary disable ReCaptcha. (Optional, avoids interruption of service while you transfer the files)
  2. Remove the private key form the  global preferences. (Do not forget to save the settings)
  3. Copy the new version into your plugins directory
  4. Reload the gloabl settings and
  5. check the option plugin_recaptcha_manglekey, reenter your key and reenable the plugin.
  6. Save the settings .


BTW: See the Readme.txt that comes with the package. It has some configuration hints and also the updated template for the commentsform.template 

Happy SPAM-Free blogging! 

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