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YAML Templates 3.0

Posted by coldtobi | 30 May, 2008, 09:02

Last year, I released the YAML Sets for Lifetype. However, just some days after I released them, YAML author releases a new mayor version: YAML 3.


However, YAML 2.5.2 is fine for most application, and there are no known problems with that version,  I decided some weeks ago to update it to the most recent: The "YAML-Builder", which lets you to graphically design your Layout has been released to a stable version, and therefore could also be used for as a kind of template editor on YAML/lifetype based template sets.

The new versions also allows much more variations of the basic 3 column layout. You now can have an additional "Topnav", a navigation menu in or above the header, a dedicated "teaser area" and some varations where to place them. This added flexibiltiy, on the other side, makes it harder to package into an "one size fits it all" template set. 

The backside is, that YAML now requires a little more work to get the templates customized, and there are not so many exampled available like in the last version of my template set.

But I also started another blogging series: Beside some other articles on this topic, I am currently writing a tutorial, who to get started in designing templates for lifetype using YAML and the YAML Builder. 

For a preview, that it indeed is working with YAML3, take a look at my "staging area" http://blog.frost.de 

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    thanks for the release.