The Fonera "Wifi Ads Protest" Lake

Posted by coldtobi | 25 Jun, 2007, 20:27


Day after day, the protest against the security problems actions of fon get stronger. Now, it seems that some people are showing their protest against the promotion, the fon community is on strike.

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Blogsprache: Englisch oder Deutsch

Posted by coldtobi | 24 Jun, 2007, 03:07

(NOTE: I'm gonna translate this, as soon I get some spare time.) 

Dieser Artikel ist eigentlich eher zufällig entstanden. Ich habe mir einen Artikel von Stefan, ( angesehen, und wollte einen Kommentar abgeben. Irgendwie sind mir aber die Hände durchgegangen, es  hat am schluss nicht mehr zum Thema gepasst, und dann hab ich beschlosen, dies hier zu veröffentlichen.


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XP not recognizing drivers?

Posted by coldtobi | 23 Jun, 2007, 22:48

Today, a family member had a problem: The XP won't recoginze any USB sticks. Well, he had the problem some time, and it was annoying to always use a digital camera -- witch suprisly worked -- for temporary storage.

Well, today I found the problem: The INFCACHE.1 file, located in %WINDOWS%inf, (with %WINDOWS% usually C:WINDOWS) was somehow corrupted.

The solution: Deleting the file, followed by an reboot. Afterwards, it will be restored by Windows, and then all the stuff is working like a charm.

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spam: new way made it through anti-spam filters

Posted by coldtobi | 22 Jun, 2007, 22:38

Yesterday I got a new class of spam:

No the guys are trying to though my spamassassin with a new trick. The message is not attached anymore "in plain text" or inlined as image, instead it is attached as a pdf-file.

The message in the pdf, of course, has not change. Get rich easisily, you can only win, all others are dumb, you too, if you do not buy. (Off course, you know how these stock-spam-scheme works: If not, see here.

But the idea with the pdf is innovtive. It passed my filter, and now I'm blogging about it. Well, there is another detail is interesting, if it is correct.


 Wow, 10k€. Seems that AdWords is less expensive than spamming these days.

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The Homepage Next Door

Posted by coldtobi | 22 Jun, 2007, 10:36


Just before, I checked my server logs. First, I thought: Nothing special at all, but then this reference in the log looked interesting: is a service to do a reverse DNS lookup. Basically you can learn, how is living next door, next server, (mmmh, ya,) next home-dir.

I think, I gonna visit my neighbours on the weekend. Hopefully, they're home.


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Admins, check your site!

Posted by coldtobi | 19 Jun, 2007, 17:51

Today, an hacker group 0wned 11k Servers around (mostly) in Europe. There, ahotspot seem to be in Italy.However, also sites in the US are not imune.


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NEUES FEATURE: Auf dem Weg zu Blog 2.0

Posted by coldtobi | 18 Jun, 2007, 10:24

Ich möchte meinen Blog ein wenig interaktiver gestalten. Deshalb ein NEUES Feature: Karma!


Kurz gesagt, ich hab ein neues kleines Bewertungsystem installiert.

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