Gettting rid of the interrupt table on the AVR

Posted by coldtobi | 20 Jul, 2007, 10:52

Sometimes, programm size is everthing. This is especially true, if you are coding for a very constraint system like the AVR or you are going to write a bootloader, which should be as small as possible.

Well, I actually hit both of the categories, as I program a bootloader for a customer's project for a 8k-flash Atmel. 


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Acer Aspire 5633

Posted by coldtobi | 12 Jul, 2007, 11:42

Yes, the installation of my replacement laptop is now almost finished. Surely, it will still miss installed packages by this is only a matter of time.

My new laptop is a really nice pieace of hardware, and at the time of writing everthing I need for daily use is working smoothly -- under Linux. But details later this article.


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Under the hood: New blog view

Posted by coldtobi | 8 Jul, 2007, 10:03

It took me some time, but the template for the template is ready.

So its time for the first preview:


Probably, the look will change, but the basic layout template is ready. It is based on YAML, and the focus while coding it was to make more consistent and more easily to change.


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ALSA Sound suddendly stops to work on Intel Chipset

Posted by coldtobi | 7 Jul, 2007, 12:17

On my laptop, equiped with an Centrino chipset, my sound suddenly stopped to work. Well suddendly is the wrong word, as I do not use sound regulary on my laptop.

Also, the kmix applet did not show any problem, as it somehow declared my internal (never used) modem as sound card.  Interrestingly, some applications did manage it to properly playback sound (e.g pidgin), but obviously not using alsa as sound backend.

Today I found some time to look after the problem: Alsa loaded the snd_i810m Kernel module, which is the "Modem Module" for the i810 chipset. If this module is unloaded, sound will immediatly start working again. (Okay, after restarting alsa)

But fiddling around with rmmod and insmod every reboot is not my intention, so I needed a permanent fix:

Blacklisting the offender: uncomment the "snd_i810_m" entry in /etc/modutils/alsa-blacklist

This was my first solution to get it working fast. However, this will disable the modem function, but as I do not need this anyway, I do not care.  If you need it, you simply have to insert the module later in the boot process.

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La Fonera's IPKG Bug

Posted by coldtobi | 6 Jul, 2007, 23:12

An Article in the category: Do Not Brick Your Fonera Router. If you break it, you'll have to keep the pieces.

The ipkg binary in the fonera is broken. It is not really the ipkg binary, which is broken. So it can happen, that  -- especially a ipkg remove -- can delete some essential directories. /lib/ for example, effectivly break the router.

But there is an script available, which replaces ipkg to get it safe. Just execute the following (on Fonera)

wget -O /usr/bin/ipgk; chmod 0750 /usr/bin/ipkg   

[Update:] Safer is:


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Posted by coldtobi | 5 Jul, 2007, 23:15

ReCaptcha in ActionSome captchas are well -- weak. Or better said: broken and not an obstacle for the robots. This is, because OCR is doing pretty well, and the obfuscation is sometimes not obsucre.

So why not choose images which have already failed in OCR? 

Exactly this is the approach taken by reCAPTCHA. But where to take words, that failed in OCR? And how to avoid training the bots against this words? reCAPTCHA is refined their approach to also cover this topics:

They take words out of old bookes that are digitalized but not poperly OCRed, because the OCRing failed. They seperate words out of the books, disort them and give that puzzle to the user. They will always present two words: One which has already been decoded and one, which is not decoded yet. Only if both words are entered correctly, the captcha is solved.


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CSS Basics [german]

Posted by coldtobi | 5 Jul, 2007, 21:39

Für alle die sich mal CSS einarbeiten wollen, das CSS Float Zeugs aber nicht richtig verstanden haben... Ja, ich gebs zu, wenn ich einmal im halben Jahr wieder CSSe, dann weiss ich auch nicht immer so genau, wie es denn genau gegangen ist.

Und im Augenblick ist es halt wieder soweit, denn ich möchte doch meinem Blog mal einen persönlicheren Touch geben. Und dass soll natürlich mit Style gemacht werden. 

Achja, hier der Link:


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