Status of the AVR-GCC toolchain in debian

Posted by coldtobi | 27 Aug, 2007, 11:43

In this article, I described how to update the avr-gcc for debian to support some extra devices.

Now, the debian archives has been updated and now the original debian files have most of the patches applied, and also updated to more recent upstream versions. 


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YAML 3.0 and YAML Builder

Posted by coldtobi | 26 Aug, 2007, 10:55

For those interested in the YAML Layout Template, there a some news on the offical yaml homepage:

First, some days after I published this, YAML3 was released, and on the seconds news is even more interesting, if you are planning to learn "YAML". The YAML Builder.


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YAML Template Sets.

Posted by coldtobi | 16 Aug, 2007, 09:15

Some weeks ago, I prepared a template set for lifetype, using the YAML framework.  Now, it is time to bundle my work and release it to the public..

The YAML framework has been created that a web designed has not to care about browser bugs and also to use the power of CSS to make a flexible design. Or, as in the words of yaml's author:

Bulletproof & Flexible Layouts Made Simple

"Yet Another Multicolumn Layout" (YAML) is an (X)HTML/CSS framework for creating modern and flexible floated layouts. The structure is extremely versatile in its programming and absolutely accessible for end users.

Template for Lifetype

To get started, here is the download link on my server:

I prepared some examples using the examples in the yaml packages.


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Digital Camera Fuji Finepix S9600

Posted by coldtobi | 15 Aug, 2007, 12:55

For my upcoming trip, I am planning to buy me a new digital camera. First I was after a digital SLR, but now I found the Fujifikm Finepix S9600.

Its quite an older modell, but the technical details are quite ok. 

As I am currently too lazy to quote all the nice details, I just post an link to the project, where all the details are available:


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