Fonera+ hacked!

Posted by coldtobi | 30 Oct, 2007, 08:37

La  Fonera+ is designed to be more easier to install and harder to hack: All the known bugs have been eliminated, the on-board-serial does not reveal a console anymore, the communication with fon is also encrypted (ASFAIK) using DNS and maybe more.

But they forget, that if you lock someone out -- especially in a community --, it but there are always smart people just encouraged by this. Here's the result:



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The Pagerank Whinery

Posted by coldtobi | 30 Oct, 2007, 01:02

Google updated some time ago their method, how their PageRank(TM) is determined. For example, paid links was a thorn in googles flesh. But it was communicated, that this is against the rules. And now, these new rules seems to be in effect.

Triggering a PR database update, the crying of webmasters started, as their PR just crashed. Also famous ones like were hit. 

But not everyone's is crying: Since some days, google is the opinion my little blog is worth a "2". And I know at least another blogging project that also increased it ratings (unfortunatly I lost the URL, so I cannot link there). The secret, I think, is that I just don't care about my rating. This project is a hobby and therefore the most profit I get of, is fun. (Beside, I also would not have the time to do excessive "SEO". ) 

I think, buying content or buying links at higher rated sites is promoting good content, and therefore, I think the decision of google is hard but fair. The problem is, that there is much money involved, at least a the portals with higer ex-ratings: Higher rating means better traffic and better changes to sell ad-space. Okay, some sites would be more enjoyable if the do only half the commercials, but thats a different topic.

So, don't take any rating to serious, just have fun. Own and original content defintly pays out.

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Network Attached Storage

Posted by coldtobi | 14 Oct, 2007, 17:39

Last week, at a local groceries discounter, they has an NAS on sale, but were already out of stock at the time I was there.

To be more precise, it was actually an NDAS (<--warning: marketing speech. Read their FAQs for a bigger picture.), so afterall I am not mad that I was too late.

As I was not familiar with N(D)AS, I did some research, and found, that NDAS has some properties which I don't think they are appropiate for a NAS. Others would call this "just cost-optimized".


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