Thecus N2100: Testing a kernel prior flashing

Posted by coldtobi | 17 Apr, 2008, 23:56

Update July 2009: Please see here for addtional informations.

Occasionally there is a new kernel out for the Thecus N2100, debian flavoured.

And because of personal experience, it is good to test it before flashing it to the embedded flash.
In my case, I needed that one time, as the new kernel would not boot for whatever reason.
The trick is, that you can load the kernel into RAM and execute it from there.

Of course, you can also use it to "test" the Debian installer, before actually overwriting the original firmware.
(BTW, if you only want to test a newly created RAM disk, this is also like testing a kernel -- the RAM disk would
be also flashed, so you can test your modification without any risk, if you run the it "out of RAM"

As another benefit -- if you decided not to use debian but the stock firmware -- this might become handy if you need a
rescue system. Yes, you could use the debian installer also for a rescue enviroment, and as thecus is "only" using Linux,
there are not problems to be expected.

Last but not least, in the unlikely event that you didn't like the Debian experience you can upload the original firmware back into
the Thecus.

Enough talking, Lets get started!

(Please note, that I assume some Unix knowledge in this article. I do not advise Linux novices to install debian on their NAS. For completeness, if this screws it up, this is your problem not mine, as this is soley your responsibility.)


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Small bugfix for Recaptcha

Posted by coldtobi | 8 Apr, 2008, 10:45

I found a small bug for ReCaptcha: If you do not select a style, the generated Java Script code will be invalid and therefore the lanugage selection will not work.

Just select a style, for example "red" and everthing works fine.

There also some issues with several templates (for example MinimaPlus) : These issues are CSS related and show themself by a "broken bottom border" of the widget. I am currently trying to figure out how this can be solved without the need of a new CSS file to be included.

If you need a intermediate solution, please mail me for instructions.


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Updated ReCaptcha

Posted by coldtobi | 1 Apr, 2008, 18:20

I updated the recaptcha plugin with some new very nice features.  coldtobi's Recaptcha plugin screenshot, white layout


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