Samba: No mount as user.

Posted by coldtobi | 5 Apr, 2010, 22:48

For security reasons (CVE-2009-2948) samba ceases to support setuid mount.cifs. Until at least a proper fix has been generated (saw patches for them, but at least in Debian they are not or defunc (Patches:, details of the problem )

(IMHO the CVE is valid, but only makes sense in an multi-user enviorment and if you want to store your passwords in some files. Both are false for me. ) 

However, I need a working system. The other option is waiting until upstreams deciding what's better for me -- a security problem not touching my samba usage or no service at all. (Yes, I'm a little upset by this -- hitten cold by this "improvement" and finding out that they indeed choosen a way to "fix" it by disabling the execution at all. When I read the CVE notice from samba, it could also be done to disable the offending "information leaking" command options when run setuid... Well.)

Well *taking deep breath* lets stop ranting:


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