Keepass2, KeeFox and Firefox in Debian

Posted by coldtobi | 5 Oct, 2014, 14:26

Took a little to figure out how to install the combo, so here're a few lines:

*NOTE* Its usually not recommended to install forgein code (the plugin), do only so if you trust KeeFox.

First step is to install the plgx file into to /usr/lib/keepass2/Plugins/. Just copy the file as root. The file you need, KeePassRPC.plgx comes with the KeeFox plugin. There is a link to it on the "install KeeFox" page.  For reference, mine was here: $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/<your-profile-id>.default/extensions/keefox@chris.tomlinson/dep (my profile id replaced with an placeholder)

Also, you need to go into the KeeFox settings and set /usr/lib/keepass2/Plugins as KeePassRPC-Plugin installation directory and /usr/lib/keepass2 as KeePass installation location.

Then the tricky part came: When starting KeePass2, it detected the RPC plugin but was somehow unable to compile it, claiming "its not compatible". However, I know that this plugin is working, so this message is misleading.

keepass file

Solution: After a little bit of trying, this was caused by missing mono dependencies which could be fixed by:

apt-get install keepass2 mono-dmcs libmono-system-management4.0-cil

After doing that, keepass recompiles without the message, and also after restarting firefox the plugin starts working.


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