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[Links] Version Control Systems -- Comparsions

Posted by coldtobi | 22 May, 2008, 11:55
For some of my personal data, I currently use CVS. But as this task also should go tho the Thecus, I was looking for something more mordern.

And, there are a lot of them, to many to take a look at them indivudually. Lucklily, other people did that already, so if you ara also in a simular situation -- choosing a new or replacment CVS System (or also called SCM, Configuration Managment ...)

Well, however you wanna call it, here are some links articles to check out:
The New Breed of Version Control Systems
Better SCM Initiative : Comparison
Version-Control Systems for Linux
(As far as I am through with that links, montone looks very promising as is currently my top candiate)

Well, I installed bazaar(-ng). Monotone looks very promising, but I need support for the whole family: And that means a need for a Win32 GUI. And "native" Win32 support is that what monotone currently lacks.


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