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Seamless integration Google Search into Lifetype (Part 1)

Posted by coldtobi | 16 Jul, 2008, 17:43 Some weeks ago, I integrated the Google Search into the blogging platform on this site. At this time I already planned to do a "how to", as this might be also interesting for others. Seamless integration means, that the search results are embedded in the look and feel of the blog: It should use the same templates and also present the search results matching to the design of the blog.

Of course, you don't want to maintain different template system, so best the search engine will use exactly the same template files also used for the rest of the blog.


Benefits for integrating Google's search into Lifetypes are basically all the features that you learnded to love while using "regular" google: Like typo corrections, searching for synonyms.... Also you canlimit the results to your site only, exclude any other site you don't want to show up. This way you can avoid that visitors are leaving the site for your competitors. ;-)

And, of course, if you monetize your blog with google, the search results can be enriched with paid advertising through the AdSense network.

Enough reasoning. Let's start.



Of course, you need register to the Google Custom Search Program. As an alternative, you can also participate in the Google AdSense Program. (The latter gives the mentioned possibity to also earn some money.)

To follow this how-to you need a working lifetype installation. (okay, most of this can easily adapted to other blogging platforms and CMSes , but this is out of scope of this article).

The webserver running lifetype must support Rewrite-rules. This blog is running Apache, so for other web servers (ISS, lighthttpd, ... ) check your documentation.

All templates available for lifetype should be suitable for this modifications. I used the template I wrote myself (YAML Templatesets), but if you don't like it, I try to give you hints which files needs to be modified for a "standard" lifetype template.

And, this uses Rewrite Rules. There are certainly also ways without mod_ReWrite, but I didn't evaluate. If you did, please drop me a mail, and I'll be happy to include your instructions...

Getting Started

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