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FON and the wind

Posted by coldtobi | 12 Jun, 2007, 18:39

FON (www.fon.com) recenetly changed it mind. Up to yesterday, you had to be linus or pay for free internet access abroad. "Bills", the members decided to make money out of the sharing, would also have to pay for access out of his own hotspot.

But these days are gone. Now, even Bills can get internet for free. They also encourage Linuses to change their profiles to Bills. 

Well, there is at least one question which arose instantly: Why is FON doing this?  

Read on for some speculations and why to be cautionous.

 (just a disclaimer: the article is also placed in "my two cent" on purpose , therefore representing my very own opinon. Everyone of another opionin is invited to either mail me the opionion or post a comments. Comments must pass the anti-spam measures.)

The offical statement -- as available here (German: here) reveals no reason. So lets look at the blog (german). Also, this is just a notification. No explanation why the do that. Okay, its okay not to reveal the reasons, but fon is calling themself a comunity. And the communities I know ususally makes no fuss about the reasons.

My opionion is, that the linus-model did not work out, and they trying to get the people operating the foneras operating them more reliable, maybe in the way that the "Bills" feel more obligated to the FON Company. 

But there is one thing,FON does not disclose. I think, it would be their obligation, their duty to tell the people about the consequences becoming a Bill: At least in Germany, most of the ISPs does not allow to (commercially) share the broadband connection. If you anyway become a Bill, you breach the contract with your ISP, which can lead to the termination of itself, or even worse makes you liable for loss and damage. Both things are usually nothing you want. If you do not believe me, read the terms of service. There is written, that you are responsible in fullfilling the contract with your ISP. 

I think, a company calling itself a community should warn their users explicitly. 

Theres another issue with the "news", but I think, that gonna be another blog entry.

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