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spam: new way made it through anti-spam filters

Posted by coldtobi | 22 Jun, 2007, 22:38

Yesterday I got a new class of spam:

No the guys are trying to though my spamassassin with a new trick. The message is not attached anymore "in plain text" or inlined as image, instead it is attached as a pdf-file.

The message in the pdf, of course, has not change. Get rich easisily, you can only win, all others are dumb, you too, if you do not buy. (Off course, you know how these stock-spam-scheme works: If not, see here.

But the idea with the pdf is innovtive. It passed my filter, and now I'm blogging about it. Well, there is another detail is interesting, if it is correct.


 Wow, 10k€. Seems that AdWords is less expensive than spamming these days.

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  1. Ben Duncan : PDFassassin

    23/07/2007, at 15:58 [ Reply ]

    Checkout a module I wrote called “PDFassassin” which is a plugin for SpamAssassin.

    This can scan emails for PDF attachments, uses the pdftotext utility to extract the text for Spam messages, and also extracts images and uses OCR to pin-point Spam messages embedded in pictures.

    This plugin can really help prevent the wave of PDF spam messages from hitting your mbox

    Download at: