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The Fonera "Wifi Ads Protest" Lake

Posted by coldtobi | 25 Jun, 2007, 20:27


Day after day, the protest against the security problems actions of fon get stronger. Now, it seems that some people are showing their protest against the promotion, the fon community is on strike.

The German fonboard, www.fonboard.de,  proposed, to move the coordinates of the individual foneras to a lake near the capital of

Spain, to protest against the current  "WifiAds situation". The geocoordinates are: lat=40.5423736000 and long=-3.78993988000

Madrid is the city, where the headquarter of the company is located, where the "refonution" has started. It is only a symbol, but I think the message is clear: "FON, start acting as a community."

Currently, already than 200 community members are sharing th opinion: (As usual in my blog: clicking enlarges all pictures....)


 And the action seems to work: Steve Ross, affiliated to fon and reporting to managment, answered shortly after the thread showed up:

I'm reluctant to reply to this but against my better judgement I will.
If a lot of Foneros move there routers here it will show that many people are truly concerned about the WifiAds and reinforce the need for change.
If only a few Foneros move there routers here there is not much incentive for Fon to change.
I'm not discounting peoples concerns, just looking at this from an analytical viewpoint.

 and later:

Actually, I think this is an effective way for users to communicate their concerns. I'm not encouraging or condoning it, but I'm saying it's effective.  

So, I think, Ross is right: this could be really effective and I have the feeling, that FON has already started thinking. In another thread, he told, that he reported the topic to the managment of fon already. 

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