Einmalnummer.de dead.

Posted by coldtobi | 7 Jul, 2009, 19:14

"Einmalnummer.de" was a project that helpes Webmasters to ensure their privacy: In Germany you have to put a phone number on your site (or you might get sued). And "Einmalnummer" (translated one-time number) was perfect to protect your privacy, as no call center was able to use that number that fast.

But these times are gone: It seems that a governmental agency (the one responsible to regulate telecommunication -- The Bundesnetzagentur) had objections against the services....


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Libucommon for debian

Posted by coldtobi | 11 Jun, 2009, 22:00

During my recent programming on solarpowerlog, I discovered that  the Lib Common C++ seems to have some bugs, at least in the TCPStream class. (bugreport)

So I decided to check its supposed succeedor. But this one is not packged for debian.... (RFP pending)

Short stort: Here it is.


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Mini trick: Don't show printers in samba shares

Posted by coldtobi | 19 May, 2009, 22:24

To help Windows understanding, that your local samba server does not support a printer, add to your smb.conf in the [global] section

    disable spoolss = yes

Reload samba, add it will vanish ;-)

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Nominations for Community Open Source Awards are open!

Posted by coldtobi | 17 May, 2009, 09:27

I  think "NAVIT" is a break-through project that should be nominated for the award:

So I did for:

  1. NavIt for Best Project
  2. NavIt for Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything

If you share this opinion, please feel free to click that button!


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php based home inventory system

Posted by coldtobi | 19 Apr, 2009, 21:07

I'm currently looking for a system for keeping an overview over my electronic parts I have "on stock", storing the datasheets and keeping and especially where I put them.

During this I found "home-inventory". Looks ok, but also lacks some features, like it can only store images...

PS: I have to rethink about the "looks ok". The first peek on the source code reveals, that the author did not care about sanitizing user input:

                // delete first picture if exist
                $sSql = 'SELECT ITM_Picture FROM Item WHERE ITM_ID = ' . $_REQUEST['id'];
                $pictName = fetchFromDb($sSql, true);



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ScribeFire Inserts Zemanta Web Bug

Posted by coldtobi | 28 Mar, 2009, 20:20

I'm using the firefox extension "ScribeFire" for Firefox. It is a convenient blogging editor allowing me to prepare articles also when offline. But currently I'm a little pissed. 

By coincident, I checked the generated html source and found that the plugin inserts the  following "web bug" in each and every post:


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RapRep -- Self replicating machine

Posted by coldtobi | 22 Feb, 2009, 13:17

A friend pointed me to an interesting (hardware) project: RepRap.

To quote the website:

A universal constructor is a machine that can replicate itself and - in addition - make other industrial products. Such a machine would have a number of interesting characteristics, such as being subject to Darwinian evolution, increasing in number exponentially, and being extremely low-cost.

A rapid prototyper is a machine that can manufacture objects directly (usually, though not necessarily, in plastic) under the control of a computer.

The RepRap project is working towards creating a universal constructor by using rapid prototyping, and then giving the results away free under the GNU General Public Licence to allow other investigators to work on the same idea. We are trying to prove the hypothesis: Rapid prototyping and direct writing technologies are sufficiently versatile to allow them to be used to make a von Neumann Universal Constructor.

All good projects have a slogan, and the best have a slogan that reeks of hubris. RepRap is no exception. Our slogan is:

"Wealth without money..."


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