Lifetype file version check after upgrade

Posted by coldtobi | 2 Nov, 2007, 09:31

In case you updated to 1.2.5, and the File Version Check fails : The upgrade package 1.2.4 - 1.2.5 misses the file files/files_properties.php, where all the md5s are stored.

To fix, get the full package and just additionally install this file afte applying the upgrade.


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ReCaptcha Implementation finished

Posted by coldtobi | 1 Nov, 2007, 15:31


As you can see when scrolling down for the Add-Comment section, I just finished the ReCaptcha implemenation for lifetype. 

This will improve the overall blog expericence, as I was told that the stock filters for spam often blocked also non-spam. (Thanks Tobi for the hint) 


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The Pagerank Whinery

Posted by coldtobi | 30 Oct, 2007, 01:02

Google updated some time ago their method, how their PageRank(TM) is determined. For example, paid links was a thorn in googles flesh. But it was communicated, that this is against the rules. And now, these new rules seems to be in effect.

Triggering a PR database update, the crying of webmasters started, as their PR just crashed. Also famous ones like were hit. 

But not everyone's is crying: Since some days, google is the opinion my little blog is worth a "2". And I know at least another blogging project that also increased it ratings (unfortunatly I lost the URL, so I cannot link there). The secret, I think, is that I just don't care about my rating. This project is a hobby and therefore the most profit I get of, is fun. (Beside, I also would not have the time to do excessive "SEO". ) 

I think, buying content or buying links at higher rated sites is promoting good content, and therefore, I think the decision of google is hard but fair. The problem is, that there is much money involved, at least a the portals with higer ex-ratings: Higher rating means better traffic and better changes to sell ad-space. Okay, some sites would be more enjoyable if the do only half the commercials, but thats a different topic.

So, don't take any rating to serious, just have fun. Own and original content defintly pays out.

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YAML 3.0 and YAML Builder

Posted by coldtobi | 26 Aug, 2007, 10:55

For those interested in the YAML Layout Template, there a some news on the offical yaml homepage:

First, some days after I published this, YAML3 was released, and on the seconds news is even more interesting, if you are planning to learn "YAML". The YAML Builder.


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YAML Template Sets.

Posted by coldtobi | 16 Aug, 2007, 09:15

Some weeks ago, I prepared a template set for lifetype, using the YAML framework.  Now, it is time to bundle my work and release it to the public..

The YAML framework has been created that a web designed has not to care about browser bugs and also to use the power of CSS to make a flexible design. Or, as in the words of yaml's author:

Bulletproof & Flexible Layouts Made Simple

"Yet Another Multicolumn Layout" (YAML) is an (X)HTML/CSS framework for creating modern and flexible floated layouts. The structure is extremely versatile in its programming and absolutely accessible for end users.

Template for Lifetype

To get started, here is the download link on my server:

I prepared some examples using the examples in the yaml packages.


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Acer Aspire 5633

Posted by coldtobi | 12 Jul, 2007, 11:42

Yes, the installation of my replacement laptop is now almost finished. Surely, it will still miss installed packages by this is only a matter of time.

My new laptop is a really nice pieace of hardware, and at the time of writing everthing I need for daily use is working smoothly -- under Linux. But details later this article.


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Under the hood: New blog view

Posted by coldtobi | 8 Jul, 2007, 10:03

It took me some time, but the template for the template is ready.

So its time for the first preview:


Probably, the look will change, but the basic layout template is ready. It is based on YAML, and the focus while coding it was to make more consistent and more easily to change.


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