ReCaptcha Implementation finished

Posted by coldtobi | 1 Nov, 2007, 15:31


As you can see when scrolling down for the Add-Comment section, I just finished the ReCaptcha implemenation for lifetype. 

This will improve the overall blog expericence, as I was told that the stock filters for spam often blocked also non-spam. (Thanks Tobi for the hint) 


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YAML 3.0 and YAML Builder

Posted by coldtobi | 26 Aug, 2007, 10:55

For those interested in the YAML Layout Template, there a some news on the offical yaml homepage:

First, some days after I published this, YAML3 was released, and on the seconds news is even more interesting, if you are planning to learn "YAML". The YAML Builder.


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Bug in Lifetype

Posted by coldtobi | 4 Jul, 2007, 19:39

I do not know yet, if it is because of my configuration, and I currently unable to file a bug report, but I' gonna to investigate this a little more.

If the settingsin Administation -> Global Settings -> URL are set to "Mod Rewrite", the "next-Links" and page-number links at the bottom of the main pages stop working. If clicking on them, you alway get on the first page.

On any other settings, this is working loke a charm, so I am using "Custom URLs" now, with default settings.



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Lifetype 1.2.3 Contentfilter & Regular Expressions

Posted by coldtobi | 10 Jun, 2007, 12:04

This weekend, I finally upgraded lifetype to the latest version. Wow, they did a great work!

Buts thats not the topic of this post. A new feature I enabled is the contentfilter plugin. if there are any bad words in comments, it will silently drop that comment. But the best is:  It does regular expressions!

I do not believe, that the bad guys analyse this, so I decided to share you my expressions i use. They are all manufactored out of spam commets, and will be improved over time. If you want to use them, feel free. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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Installation -- completed

Posted by coldtobi | 28 Jan, 2007, 17:42

So jetzt habe ich es geschafft... Den Umstieg, meine ich. Bis jetzt habe ich die Homepage nur im Editor "gemacht", was ziemlich viel Zeit kostete.

Aus diesem Grund habe ich mich die letzten Tage ein wenig umgesehen, und bin dann auf lifetype gestoßen. Eine Sammlung an Skripten, die zusammen einen Blog basteln. Ich werds auch als CMS "zweckentfremden".

 Mal sehen, ob es dann hier bald mehr zu lesen gibt.

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