Is RedBoot via Ethernet available on my Thecus N2100

Posted by coldtobi | 2 Feb, 2008, 13:44

To find out, if your Thecus N2100 supports RedBoot via Telnet / Ethernet,  do the following:


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My Thecus N2100 arrived

Posted by coldtobi | 26 Jan, 2008, 20:22

My new toy finally arrived: My Thecus N2100, the winner of my "which-NAS-fits-me-best"-competion.

Here's a brief summary of its key features, as already told in the above article:

  • not sealed. (Have-to-open for installation.)
  • two options for "own linux on the box": Reflash with debian kernel, or run debian in an chroot.
  • comes with128 MB DDR-RAM; expandable up to 512MB with standard DDR memory module.
  • 2 Ethernet interfaces, both Gbit
  • 3 USB2.0, additionally 1 internal. (that hidden by the case. Needs mod too utilize.)
  • Debian supported, can be installed with sotck debian installer.
  • Internal mini-PCI slot. Can be used for WLAN, if the two GBits are not enough.
  • Intel XScale 80219 CPU @ 600 MHz. FAAAASST!!!

Together with two Samsung Spinpoint F1, HDJ753 -- with a combined storage of 1.5 Terrabytes -- and and upgraded with 512MB DDR Bar, this is a very good hacking opportunity. As my plans include hacking for it, I created a dedicated category for that topic.

Have fun!

(First pictures I made are currently on my camera and will be added soon....) 


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