Sending a email notification when pusing to git (sourceforge)

Posted by coldtobi | 18 Sep, 2010, 13:12

Whenever I push changes to solarpowerlog, I want that a notification mail is sent to a dedicated mailing list.

However, the documentation on sourceforge just says "you can do this", but finding docs about "how" is hard. 

So this is my try to document the procedure, in case this helps someone... The examples are the one for solarpowerlog, so be sure to edit them before applying.


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Solarpowerlog released

Posted by coldtobi | 16 Jun, 2009, 21:12

Yesterday I made my initial release for solarpowerlog. Solarpowerlog is an application designed to keep track about photovoltaic systems.

It is desigend as an framework to be as much extenbile as possible. 

Currently it does support to connect to sputnik engineering "Solarmax" Inverters over TCP/IP, but the framework is designed to be easily expanded to support other types of inverters too.

So here are some links for the interested:


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