Safe Updating La Fonera to

Posted by coldtobi | 15 Apr, 2007, 12:13

Now, fon released another update for "La Fonera": The Company tries to auto-update to

In this article, I'll try give a more in-depth look at the changes in the upgraded firmware, and show how to safely update to this version.


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Backup the La Fonera

Posted by coldtobi | 14 Apr, 2007, 12:22

For analyzing, its often more comfortable to have a compelte backup of the La Fonera's filesystem at your PC. This mini-howto shows how to backup the filesystem of the Fonera.

Note: You need ssh enabled for this. (More)

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Upgrading La Fonera to 0.7.1 r2 (aka

Posted by coldtobi | 10 Mar, 2007, 13:41

If you open the fonera, a requirement for this is , that you have to reset you fonera to an older firmware version. (If you have flashed the 0.7.1 r2, you'll have to wait till Kolofonium is released.)

But if you want also wants the benefits of the newer firmware version, and ensuring your access via SSH, you'll have to update it manually.

By the way: At the moment, currently fon only send "hotfixes" via the automatic update. As hot fixes are not permanently flashed, so there is a way back.


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Reseting the La Fonera (dt.)

Posted by coldtobi | 6 Mar, 2007, 21:21

Da es eine Anfrage gegeben hat, ob ich auch die Anleitung in Deutsch schreiben könnte,  hier die Deutsche Versoin von dem Beitrag "Resetting the La Fonera"

Achja: Bevor noch jemand fragt: Ich kanns noch in Bairisch schreiben, aber dann sind meine Fremdsprachenkennnisse erschöpft. 

English summary: This is just a translation of "Resetting the La Fonera"


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Reseting the La Fonera.

Posted by coldtobi | 31 Jan, 2007, 23:09

Sometimes its really handy to factory reset the La Fonera. It is for examining the firmware version installed or if it choked on some modifications, of simply too protect your data if you planning to give it away.

I'm sure you have also a good reason for reseting the La Fonea.


Here's my method. The difference to other solutions in the web is, that this one is the only one worked for me, and that several people told me, that this is the only reliable way-of-doing they know. Of course you do not have to open the case for opening it, which will helping in avoiding voiding warranties. )



If you are looking for German instructions, click here. (Deutsche Anleitung)


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Inside the La Fonera

Posted by coldtobi | 31 Jan, 2007, 19:13

Wie angekündigt, gibt es hier mehr Details zur La Fonera.

Bevor es losget, vorweg ein kleiner Hinweis am Rande: FON sieht es nicht so gerne, wenn man was an den Innereien was verändert. Da dies in den FON-Bedingungen  (Punkt 6.7 of the general conditions.) so drin steht muss jeder selber entscheiden, ob er die Box öffnet, oder wie sehr er FON vertraut.

Zu dem Thema möchte ich noch einen eigenen Artikel zu schreiben, so dass ich hier nicht näher drauf eingehen werde.

(Wer sich unsicher ist, sollte besser die Finger davon lassen.) 


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La Fonera

Posted by coldtobi | 29 Jan, 2007, 21:21

Bei der Aktion von PC Welt konnte ich diesmal nicht widerstehen: Ein kleiner WLAN Accesspoint "La Fonera"  geschenkt. Sogar ohne Porto. 

Geschenkt gibt es in dieser Welt natürlich nichts. (More)

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