Migration Debian from i386 to amd64 without reinstall (Cross Grading)

Posted by coldtobi | 2 Nov, 2013, 14:53

Well, I just started the adventure to upgrade my NAS server from i386 to amd64.. Why? I want to enable flash-cache, which is currently not compatible with 32-bit kernels.

For this I am using the "Cross Grading"

Note: This is dangerous stuff. If you are not really deep into Debian you should prefer reinsalling! Backups are mandatory.


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N2M: pbuilder for i386 and amd64 on same host

Posted by coldtobi | 7 Sep, 2013, 10:06


- Setup: https://wiki.debian.org/PbuilderTricks

In the howto there is a script to be safed a .pbuilderrc. Safe in $HOME and /root

Update script, e.g. to point to local apt-cacher mirror.

Then ARCH=i386 pbuilde create and ARCH=amd64 pbuilder create

- Usage example:

ARCH=i386 sudo pdebuild --debuildopts "-j2"

ARCH=amd64 sudo pdebuild --debuildopts "-j2"

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Linux: Really using hardware random number generators.

Posted by coldtobi | 21 Oct, 2010, 23:16

A HW Random Number generator (HW RNG) helps programms a lot which needs some good entrophy, something especially on server systems is rare. Syntoms are slow key generation (ssl, ssh ... ) and poor performance when reading from /dev/random. 

However, soley having a HW RNG won't improve much -- this is what I learned today: I have a hifn 7955 based crypto accelerator in my NAS, but still poor /dev/random read rates. 

By coincident I learned that I looked at the wrong device -- the randoms by the hardware are available through /dev/hwrng. But how does other programms know that they should use this device instead of /dev/random? 


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Sending a email notification when pusing to git (sourceforge)

Posted by coldtobi | 18 Sep, 2010, 13:12

Whenever I push changes to solarpowerlog, I want that a notification mail is sent to a dedicated mailing list.

However, the documentation on sourceforge just says "you can do this", but finding docs about "how" is hard. 

So this is my try to document the procedure, in case this helps someone... The examples are the one for solarpowerlog, so be sure to edit them before applying.


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Configure lighttp to simulate .htaccess rules (Deny From All)

Posted by coldtobi | 19 Jun, 2010, 13:14

Unfortunatly, lighhtpd does not support ".htaccess" rules directly. So if you want to use a script targeted for Apache, you have to implement your own rules.

Luckily, the most needed rule is to forbid the serving of a whole directory, the "Deny From All" rule.

This one can be emulated within the lighttpd.con -- but you have to list every affected directory.  A tedious task to find out every .htaccess contianing the rule and then adding the path to the configuration.

But this can be automated:


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Squirrelmail and lighttpd -- An Installation Guide --

Posted by coldtobi | 9 Jan, 2010, 21:57

sm_logo.jpgToday I installed the squirrel on my Thecus. The horde used before -- even if powerful -- was just to slow to make fun. As friends told me that the squirrel is slick and quick -- as its name suggests. (After installation, I can confirm this)

The squirrel -- is a web interface for accessing your mail, written in PHP. It does -- by default -- needs not to have any database. It can access your mail both by IMAP and by POP3.

As my setup is not the regular "Apache" based one, it might make sense to show how it has to be configured with lighttpd as web server.

Lets start.


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Link Crosscompiling

Posted by coldtobi | 7 Jan, 2010, 20:59

In case I port solarpowerlog to arm hardware....


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