git cheat sheet

Posted by coldtobi | 7 Jan, 2010, 13:01

A Cheat-sheet for not-so-often used or some command I frequently forget....

Some commands you just use too seldom. When you need them, you just thinking how you did it before... So I need a cheat sheet to note these down... 


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Using USB Devices in a VirtualBox Guest (Linux Host)

Posted by coldtobi | 15 Oct, 2009, 22:52

If you cannot access USB devices from within your virtual box, you should check these points:


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Thecus N2100: Testing kernels

Posted by coldtobi | 1 Jul, 2009, 23:40

Some time ago, I wrote how to test a kernel on the Thecus (here).

As I did not update the kernel for some time, I decided  to update to 2.6.30. As usual, I wanted to try it before flasing it permanently. To enforce this, I do not have the package "flash-kernel" installed. But unfortunatly, this time the testing method did not work or the kernel did not boot...


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A Recent Eclipse On Debian

Posted by coldtobi | 9 May, 2009, 13:58

Eclipse is WAY outdated on debian. Even the unstable release ships a basically unmodified version since 3 years.

So today I decided to remove the ancient version -- which did not start anyway -- and try the new nice release from

And, hey... It works like a charm. The only downside is, that it will run in a local directory in your home directory. But that could be fixed my installing in /opt and including it into the default path.


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Manually upgrading horde3 on debian

Posted by coldtobi | 19 Feb, 2009, 00:15 Debian is currently in freeze. (As finishing this, debian just released Lenny!) As a consequence many packages are quite outdated.

For example, the horde framework I use on my NAS is quite old and misses some features I'd like to have.

However, there are some pitfalls when using the debian version and trying to update with the upstream version, as the "debian way" stores some files at different locations, which is ok.

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Thecus N2100: Testing a new kernel. Or the Installer. Or Revert. Or Recover.

Posted by coldtobi | 15 Aug, 2008, 10:09

Because of personal experience, it is good to test a kernel prior flashing it: It ould happen, that the Thecus won't boot with a new kernel. I learned this the hard way.

But how to test it? The trick is, to the kernel into RAM and execute it from there.
This howto will show all the steps necessary to testdrive a kernel.

By the way, these instructions are also good for other uses: For example,

  • if you need a recovery/rescue system, (the debian installer is fine for that purpose.)

  • if you prefer to run the debian installer from RAM, (for tests, or if you don't wan't to reflash your current firmware)
  • if you want to uninstall debian and revert to the original firmware.
  • have a backup-kernel handy. ("Known-Good-Kernel")

Best of all, this is done completely in RAM. So just "pull the plug" to revert to the old state.

Update: Please also read this article for some updates. (More)

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How to check if you have ModRewrite

Posted by coldtobi | 12 Jul, 2008, 18:58

ModRewrite comes handy for SEO and other opportunites, where you want to change URL to something else. Lifetype uses this to assemble all the php parameters and make more search-engine and humanfriendly URLs. Also, you can do the RFI Protection I described earlier.
To find out, whether your webhoster's Apache supports ModRewrite, you have basically two options:


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